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Toner Industry Terms

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Copy Cartridge -
A cartridge that contains consumables for a copier, fax machines or printers.  There are typically two types of copy cartridges.  An AIO copy cartridge contains all the consumables for the machine while a T/D copy cartridge will contain toner and developer only.

Developer -
Is the medium that carries the toner from the developing unit to the photoreceptor drum. It is recommended that a technician install the developer into most copier machines.

Generic -
Is a product that is manufactured for equipment by another company besides the original manufacturer or value added reseller. A common indication that a product for a copier, fax or printer is generic is the words, " for use in "

Is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Indicates the name of the actual manufacturer of the equipment. Some manufactures, notably Mita, Ricoh and Xerox supply VAR's with equipment to be private labeled under the VAR's name.

OEM Compatible -
A product that is made by one company and is distributed by another company under there own brand name. OEM Compatible generally refers to the supply or parts such as toner, developers and drums.
EXAMPLE: Xerox manufactures copiers and sells them both to the public and to Value Added Resellers such as AB Dick.
AB Dick will sell that machine and supplies to the general public under their brand name.
The AB Dick toner would be considered an OEM Compatible. Please note the OEM or VAR will often make changes to the consumable supplies and parts so they will not interchange with other machines without modification.

Rebuilt -
Rebuilt refers to rebuilding of items such as copy cartridges and toner cartridges by replacing warn parts including blades, fuses, gears, springs, toner, and a variety of other parts. Levels of rebuilding or manufacturing the cartridge vary from company to company and can account for a wide price difference in the cost of rebuilt cartridges.
Major manufacturers such as Canon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Toshiba, Xerox also remanufacture many cartridges and sell them to the consumer as new. They place a small consumer advisory statement on the box that says some legal jargon like; "This product may contain recycled or recovered parts" which is a part of their efforts to be environmentally friendly. Some have them have even gone as far as selling compatible toner cartridges in direct competition to the OEM.
Typically a rebuilt cartridge will be significantly lower in price but should offer similar quality. The older the cartridge style typically rebuilt cartridges get better. Be careful the first year to two years after the introduction of a specific style of cartridge. This is were the manufacturers go through vigorous testing under real world conditions. does not sell what we call " TEST " cartridges. The defect ratio for the first two years is more than double the acceptable returns ratio.  We sell only cartridges that have gone through this testing phase and meet the OEM standards. All TonerMonkey's rebuilt cartridges are 100% Guaranteed and backed up with a full warranty.

Toner -
The medium that forms the image on a copy or printout. Toner can be part of a mono-component, dual component, or liquid developing system. Trade names for toner include dry ink, imaging powder, and print powder.

Is an abbreviation for Value Added Reseller. Any company that adds a service or other value to a product and then resells the item to the consumer.

Yields -
Yields are provided by the manufactures based upon a 3% - 7% coverage of the page. This is equal to a very short business letter without logo's, borders, or increased text size on a " NEW " machine that is in a laboratory. Yields are provided as a courtesy and not intended to represent actual results. Typically yields are not warranted by the manufacturers warranty unless you can prove substantial print loss from a defect and not caused by either the machine or mishandling of the product.
Xerox - Laser Printers - Yield is based on a 5% coverage.

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